Tubular Motor


AC 220V Tube Roller Shutter Door Motor Function

  • Using AC 220V civil electricity input
  • The main motor use 24V safety voltage, and will not cause security incident.
  • More relaxed requirements for input voltage, you can still use normally in the voltage instability or low-pressure regions.
  • DC tube rolling shutter motor with power storage could keep the normal function includes manual operation, remote control, anti-theft under the situation of blackout.

DC 24V Tube Roller Door Motor Function Introduction

  • Hand operation: This motor could be installed manual switch outside in case of using remote control inconvenient.
  • Emergency devices: if the motor breaks down and couldn’t open or close normally, you can use the hand devices to open and close the door under the emergency situation.

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Type Rated Input Voltage (V) Rated Power (W) Advancing Force (Kg.f) Input Torque (r/min) Maximum Raising Height (m)
DC24 220V 170 300 168 5
AC220 220V 200 360 202 5
AC220 220V 200 400 223 5