Round Corner Sliding Gate Automation System

Round corner gate door is the ideal, exclusive solution for residential gate entrance with limit space situations. This type of gate operates just like the name implies by bending to one side of the gate and sitting parallel to the wall. It is especially advantageous if, the gate has no free remain space to take places or store at.


  • Perfect for sites where there is little or no back-run/ parking space
  • Wheels mounted within gate leaves slide over embedded ground tracks
  • To achieve the maximum clear opening area where the run back is very restricted
  • Compact size allowing for space utilization



Width Min./ Max 8M – 12M
Height Min./ Max 1.5M – 3M
Opening direction Side to side horizontally
Max. Number of leaves 2 leaves – 24 leaves
Available gate material Mild steel, Stainless steel
Sheets Mild steel/ Aluminium/ Polycarbonate/ Wood/ Stainless steel
Options Available Any type of customized design can be made on request.


Width of door leaf 1’ 6” 2’ 2’ 6” 3’ 3’ 6”
Standard Radius 1’ 1” 1’ 5” 1’ 9” 2’ 1” 2’ 5”