• Gate 800kg
Irreversible motor for residential gate up to 800kg with optional outer case material made of stainless steel & steel plated
• Slow Down 3 Speeds
3 speeds motor, slows down as gate approaches close or open position preventing damage to gate and gear
• DLS-Double Lock Security System
Double lock system prevents gate from involuntarily opening
• 5 Minute Warning
Sends warning call when gate left opened unattended longer than 5 minutes
• Flashing Lamp & Siren
Blinking lamp and antenna with built-in buzzer
• Cover Board Box
Prevent control board from bugs and small insects
• Encoder Reverse Jam
Reverse direction when the gate hit any object
• Emergency Panic Siren
Siren sounds off when gate is tampered with or encounters unauthorized activities; notification sent to owner’s phone number
• Automatic Re-Close
Gate can be programmed to close automatically after 60-180 seconds
• Easy Manual Release
Easy manual release in case of electricity outage



Outer case operator material Stainless Steel – 304
Motor power supply 220 VAC +/- 10%
Power 370 W
Current 1.7 A
Maximum thrust force 590 N
Thermal protection 135 ℃
Lubricant Oil Bath
RPM 1450
Inductive proximity limit 5 mm
Linear speed 12.2 m/min
Maximum gate load 800kg (Normal) – 1000 kg (Overload)
Operator weight 14 kg
Dimension L270 x W190 x H300mm
No Item Model No. Description
1 Transmitter Remote control spare
2 FTM20 Infra red photo beam
3 LAS-102




-Lamp 220V AC with siren 102db and antenna

-LED lamp 220V AC and antenna

-Lamp 220V AC with blinking circuit

4 Push button switch