• Soft start and soft stop.
  • 24V low safety voltage.
  • Convenient Midway mode.
  • Built in adjustable auto-close.
  • Electromagnetism limit switch.
  • Secure rolling code for the remote.
  • Stop/ reverse in case of obstruction.
  • Intellectualized soft start and soft stop.
  • Emergency release key in case of power failure.
  • Built in max motor running time (MRT) for multiple safety protection.



Motor power 350W 24VDC
gate moving speed 20cm/s
max gate weight 1000kgs
environmental conditions -25  ℃ ~ 50  ℃
protection class IP4
No Item Description
1 Remote control spare
2 Infra red photo beam
3 Alarm lamp
4 Wireless push button
5 Wall push button
6 GSM remote control switch
7 Solar controller
8 Solar panel