BULL 1524

24 VDC / intensive use

  • 24 VDC geared motor with integrated control unit equipped with switching power supply (854265 VAC) which reduces energy consumption and ensures along lifespan of the actuator
  • Very intensive use, ideal for condominium applications
  • Anti-crushing system with amperometric obstacle detection
  • The control unit makes it possible to calculate the position of the motor starting from the measurement of instantaneous speed (virtual encoder)
  • The virtual encoder allows proper management of the slowing-down phases, movement tracking (STC system), and torque management in relation to the position of the gate, which guarantees maximum safety.
  • Fast and easy to install, with the self-programming function through the radio transmitter, activation is possible immediately after installation
  • Option to operate opposed sliding gates using the SIS accessory and in case of power failure with the built-in battery charger accessory
  • Metal release lever
  • Version available with magnetic limit switches (BULL1524.S)



Power supply 854265 Vac (50-60Hz)
Motor supply 24 Vdc
Max absorbed current 1.7A
Power consumption in stand-by
Max thrust 944N
Opening speed 11.7 m/min
Duty cycle intensive use
Protection level IP44
Magnetic limit switches No
Operating temperature -20  ℃/ +50  ℃
Max gate weight 1500kg
Driving gate weight M4 Z18
Weight 15.9kg
Items no. per pallet 20
No Item Model No. Description
1 IRI.TX4AK (White)

IRI.TX4VA (Black)

4-channel transmitter with advanced rolling code and fixed code.


2 TO.GO2A 2-channel transmitter with advanced rolling code.


3 PUPILLA Pair of photocells adjustable to 180  ံC. Option to synchronise up to 4 pairs, 24 VAC/DC power supply. Easy adjustment through a LED that signals optimal alignment. Compact size: 36 x 110 x 35 mm
4 IRI.LAMP White full range flashing light, 20-255 VAC with built-in aerial.
5 Call Receiver 4-channel GSM receiver to control the automation system via mobile phone.